Lest you take your pirate habits a day too far, let us explain.  Today commemorates the sweet, juicy concoction punch.  It’s National Punch Day.

British Colonists living in India were introduced to the celebrational drink (originally served with alcohol, so truly celebrational).  And 100 years later, high school boys are trying to honor the original tradition by returning the “punch” to punch.  Ah, the circle of life.

Since National Punch Day coincides with clean hands week, here is a way to celebrate both.  Latex gloves are filled with the drink of choice (plastic side in, powdery side out, otherwise eeeewwwww) and frozen, then added to the punch.

Compliments of Better Homes and Gardens (BHG.com)

Kinda creepy?  Sure.  Kinda fun?  Yep.

Happy Punch Day!


2 thoughts on “Punch.

  1. 7up and sherbet….. Happy memories! Actually I think my memories of that particular punch lasted longer than the wedding vows. Oops.

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