Mayflower Day

Thankfully in 1620, there were at least 102 discontented Brits who had endured enough of English society that they were willing to risk life, limb, and serious seasickness to start over elsewhere.

This is mind-boggling.

Just what does a person have to go through to want to start over in a new world? I’m guessing there were old nay-sayers who still thought the world was flat.

So these pilgrims were willing to sail off the edge of the world rather than live another moment in tyranny. What makes the story all the more awe-inspiring is that they didn’t just sit around whining and complaining about how lousy life was, nor did they spend all their time saying someone else should fix the problems. On September 16, they took their lemons to another shore and had the Native Americans show them how to make New World lemonade.

And what did the adventurous pilgrims do to entertain themselves for more than 60 days? Stories? Jokes? Songs? More likely: prayer, probably for forgiveness for foolishly thinking a ship trip was a good idea.

So today’s cupcake goes out to those optimistic pilgrims. Happy Mayflower Day!

I wonder what they would think of their New World’s 2011 congress.


2 thoughts on “Mayflower Day

  1. Dear New World Congress, we sacrificed our comfort, safety and even our lives for the opportunities that you are now squandering. Why don’t you head back to the Mayflower to percolate on the seas for a few months– then get back to us– that’s if you don’t die of scurvy.

  2. They set out in September? Nothing like waiting for good weather and hurricane season. Question–I see the Mayflower part (love the cupcakes with sails!) but what’s with the Play doh?

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