Felt and 102 Degrees

Just as the thermometer is topping out in the triple digits, yet again (60+ days and counting), it’s time to don a felt hat?

Today’s seasonally-inappropriate, we’d-die-of-heat-stroke-if-we-tried-it cupcake is for Felt Hat Day.

Evidently, the idea of today is to honor the bygone tradition of hat wearing; to wear a felt hat just for the hay–er, felt–of it.

Bogart would be proud.  Really.  

He helped make the Fedora the ultimate topper for the better part of the 30s and 40s.  Movies made the gangster/detective look complete with the Fedora, and Bogart made the gangster or detective look cool.

There are others who have helped keep the tradition alive.  A hatless Indiana Jones just wouldn’t have had swagger.

And then we can’t forget  Mad Men for making us all wish we lived in the stylish decade of the swinging 60s.  

If you happen to live where hat would not be a heat death trap, those of us in the blistering south ask that you put on a felt hat today.  We shall support you in spirit if not in practice.

Happy Felt Hat Day!


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