Dunkin’? Krispy? You Choose.

Here’s a bit more information than is appropriate to divulge on a public blog: I adore a good donut.  And an even better donut is one with hidden delight.

Yet this is the first that I have heard of National Cream-filled Donut Day.  Think of all the uncelebrated September 14ths gone by.  Arrrggghhh!

Okay, moving on.

Just who exactly came up with the first cream-filled donut is unclear.  The general consensus is that the Dutch settlers introduced the U.S. to their olykoek (or “oil cake”), and the sweet dough fried in fat is the closest progenitor of the modern donut.

But, these early versions had issues.  Namely, it was difficult to cook them completely so the center was often gooey.

So, does this count as the first cream-filled donut?  Yeah, we didn’t think so either.  It sounds more like the first half-baked donut.

Other early versions were stuffed with fruit or nuts, which helped to cook the center, or the center was poked out all together.  But who came up with the idea of injecting cream into Boston’s donut or creamy frosting into a Long John is unknown.  

The more research we do here at The Daily Cupcake, the more we realize genius often goes unrecognized.

Today’s cupcake goes out to the quiet inventors who helped the donut realize its potential.  We’d love to name names and salute you.  Instead we’ll think of you as we indulge in your legacy.


2 thoughts on “Dunkin’? Krispy? You Choose.

  1. Krispy Kreme no question. Is there a regular donut day as well? Today I think a raspberry filled powdered sugar donut would be an excellent way to celebrate!!

  2. Someone brought a box of Depot Donuts to work today. The box sat on the table behind me ALL day. Hard to resist for a dieter like myself. Cream-filled, fruit-filled, sprinkled, glazed, plain – they’re all yummy.

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