Sewing Machine Day

The Daily Cupcake must preface this post by explaining that there is a question as to whether Sewing Machine Day is today or in June.  We say, why not celebrate both?

The sewing machine (France gets the credit for the first machines in the 1830s) revolutionized the world.

Sewing is one of those skills that is no longer passed down through generations as it once was.  My guess is that most homes have a sewing machine, but it is in a closet, attic or basement under years of dust.

Sad, too.  Look at how gorgeous some of these vintage machines are. 

As easy as it is to go out and buy cheap ready-to-wear, often the clothes do not fit correctly or are poorly made and quickly look warn.  Learning to sew your own garments means that the clothes fit you and are solidly made.

Of course, some of us (you can’t see, but I am raising my hand here) attempt to make our own clothes which end up not fitting correctly and looking poorly made and warn.  Still, there is something alluring about making an outfit that is entirely your own.

Thanks to shows like Project Runway and events like The Great Recession, sewing has seen a bit of resurgence.  And thanks to the Internet, those who haven’t made anything can enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labors on blogs like SewRetro.


(Yes, I have seen every season of Project Runway.)


One thought on “Sewing Machine Day

  1. It’s not just a hobby or a craft– it’s creating wearable art. (following a pattern could be compared to painting by numbers) If the first sewing machine started in France– who was the manufacturor? Singer?

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