I’m Not Sure . . . So I’ll Google It

[Warning: This post contains an offensive number of parenthetical asides.  We are seeking treatment for this addiction and will correct the habit as soon as the medication (read chocolate, baths, or procrastination—–AAAARRGG–did it again!) takes effect.]

How did we function before Google (both noun and verb form)?  Endless information, answers to our (almost) every question (except of course the origins of National Cheese Pizza Day–one of our National unsolved mysteries), pictures, schedules, coupons: all of these are just the more productive options a Google search yields.

So how is it possible that this ubiquitous site was founded in 1998?  Yeesh.

I remember 1998.  For of-the-moment-scoop we watched CNN.  And thought we were lucky to have access to such information.  So naive, so naive.

Forget BC and AD.  We should start labeling time with BG (before Google, instead of pre-Google which would be easily confused as labeling a time appropriate for children under the age of 13) and AG.

Happy Birthday Google.  You have seriously changed the world.


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure . . . So I’ll Google It

  1. In honor of this cupcake I googled “dailybaker,” and you were 4th down. Congratulations!! It’s good to celebrate google, they really have given us the world!

  2. I remember the days before Google – when I consulted my trusty encyclopedia – if I could figure out where I might find needed information. I also remember not being able to find information and having it haunt me for days until I remembered, located someone who knew the answer, or simply was able to forget about it. I love being able to find answers on Google!

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