Oh, yeah! Another Fabulous Day

Today is the day  to blow the dust off of that thing that has been sitting on your night stand since December ’09.  What is it called?  Oh, yeah!  A book!

Today is Read A Book Day.

This is a delightful theory.  Unfortunately, it is also more of a challenge than we would like to admit.  To read a book is to delve into another world, but if the present world needs to be cleaned. . . or cared for. . . or paid for, checking out for hours on end and reading a book, is a near impossibility.  So, instead we snack on a few pages before we are comatose at the end of the day, and embarrassingly enough, it takes more than a month to read a book.  In other words, it better be one heck of a good book or even those 3 or 4 pages a night become less interesting than, let’s say, a rousing game of Angry Birds.  

So here is where The Daily Cupcake needs some advice.  We’ve read The Help, which seems to be the talked-about-book-of-the-moment.  But what other recommended reads are out there?  The night-stand queue is ready for your suggestions!

Happy Read a Book Day!


2 thoughts on “Oh, yeah! Another Fabulous Day

  1. I just finished “The Help” in preparation for seeing the movie. Enjoyed the book, looking forward to the movie. Always looking for book suggestions. Just bought “Heaven Is For Real” for my Kindle but haven’t read it yet.

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