How to Enjoy Labor Day

Thank God for Labor Day!

Here in the hot, hot, dry, dead south, August is a beating, and since September is usually not much better, it feels like another 30 days of torture.  Enter Labor Day.  A Monday to look forward to.  A day not to labor.

What’s the best way not to labor?  Order a pizza!

And if you need a better reason to dial up the local parlor, today is National Cheese Pizza Day.

The Daily Cupcake has done the research and found nothing about the origins of Cheese Pizza Day.  So, we’ll start our own rumor that some overly zealous pizza delivery boy, trying to make his summer quota, began the rumor, which snowballed into a petition, which someone on a whim sent to a congressman, who used it as a the ‘fun proposal’ that masked the million dollar earmark fund for prairie dog preservation, and viola!  National Cheese Pizza Day!

Humph.  This lovely tale is a bit more caustic in tone than we’d like.  

Perhaps evidence that we’ve been working too hard.

Thank God for Labor Day.  And Cheese Pizza delivery.


2 thoughts on “How to Enjoy Labor Day

  1. Love Pizza Day – any Pizza Day! My idea of a party is to pick up a pizza for the family, then spend the rest of the evening playing games or watching a favorite DVD – with lots of friendly commentary.

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