Bring on the Batter

This week is dedicated to that lovely latticed breakfast food: the waffle.  It is National Waffle Week.

Combine this week with the fact that September is National Apple Month, and The Daily Cupcake predicts thirty days of delicious dining (and then double-timing the morning jog to make up for it).  

The waffle is oft overlooked as a real breakfast carb/bread/best-part-of-morning choice.  Here’s why.

The pancake only needs a hot, flat surface.  A frying pan or a griddle will suffice.

The muffin has its dishwasher friendly pan.  Even biscuits can be free form if one doesn’t feel like rolling and cutting them out.  All of these are do-able options on a Saturday morning when not all the cerebral cylinders are firing.

But the waffle?  It has that pesky iron.  You know, the one that takes forever and a bottle brush to clean up afterwards?  Is it really worth all of the effort?

After seeing these apple waffle pictures, we are soooooo re-thinking our stance on the waffle.  We’re even considering replacing that iron we threw out back in ’07 when that seemed the better choice than trying to clean up the mess.

Or maybe we’ll head to a local diner and let them do the clean up.

Either way, Happy Waffle Day (and Apple Month)!


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