Second Chances

Today is the day to find treasures in what another has trashed: it is Thriftshop Day.

Mastering the craft of shopping second-hand stores is a lot like learning to enjoy feta cheese: it’s an acquired taste that can be enjoyed once you get over the smell.

Truly, thrift stores contain some great items have been orphaned and deserve new, loving homes.  The trick is finding those great items amongst the other things that should probably be lining a landfill.

For motivation, there are the urban legends of buying a second-hand pair of pants or a thrifted purse and discovering money tucked inside.  Or those stories of finding an interesting object that the person thinks is kind of cool only to discover later it is rare and priceless.

I’m guessing all those stories pre-date www.

So while the Internet may have killed our chances at unearthing a rare find, what we definitely will find is a much better price than buying new.  And who isn’t up for saving money?

Brand name clothing can be snapped up at a fraction of its original price.  If you need a bit more convincing, take a look at the second-hand living room one woman put together.

Time to don a clothes pin and get your shop on!

My best thrift store find was an old bamboo and bone dove-tailed Mah Jong set I bought for $20.00.  The ladies at the shop had no idea how to play and were thrilled get rid of it.  I was thrilled too.

Any other great finds?


One thought on “Second Chances

  1. I’m always hopeful of great finds, but I don’t have the patience required. I quickly lose interest in shopping – unless books are involved.

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