Ahoy! Oz

August 15, 1877, shaped the future and life as we know it.

Everyone knows that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, but it is Thomas Edison who invented the word “hello.”  According to an article in The New York Times, an unpublished letter between the two men reveals that Bell wanted to begin telephone conversations with “ahoy.”  Of course, he also envisioned an open phone line between businesses, so a loud, clear word was needed to alert other parties that someone wanted to talk.  In other words, the 1877 ‘modern’ office phone would be sort of  like walking by an air vent someone has accidentally wedged himself into and hearing “AHOY!”

Oh, what would life be like now?  Lionel Richie’s song “Ahoy”?  “You had me at ‘ahoy’.”  I suppose pirates would say, “Cheerio, matey”?  “Hello, matey.”  Heh.  What a thought.

Considering the labyrinth of social rules which structured 19th century life, it is amazing the third choice (and decidedly more formal option) “What is wanted?” didn’t win out.

But it’s the little decisions that have the greatest impact.  Edison liked “hello”; those using the new invention liked it too, and the custom was born.  The next little decision?  Deciding to use a bell to signal a phone call.

Fast-forward 62 years and the two men paved the way for the telephone… the phonograph… the telegraph… the radio…

and eventually The Wizard of Oz.

August 15, 1939, Dorothy and Toto were swept up in a twister and transported audiences to the colorful world of yellow brick, ruby slippers, and emerald Oz.

To sum up: today’s cupcake belongs creative geniuses.


One thought on “Ahoy! Oz

  1. Ahoy, The DailyBaker! Welcome back to your blog world! You’ve been missed. And what a lovely “what is wanted” to greet your fans. What a world. What a world.

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