Sweet Potatoes!

Nevermind that there are only a handful of days left in February.  There is still time to partake of the veggie of the month: the sweet potato!

Confession time.  We didn’t much like sweet potatoes here at The Daily Cupcake. 

Didn’t, that is, until discovering the sweet potato fry. 

A might more nutritious than a traditional french fry (though the french fry hasn’t exactly set the bar high) and not to be confused with the yam, the sweet potato’s fry has just the right amount of crunch for those of us who previously disliked its squish.

With its rusty color, it also looks prettier on a plate, too.

The one caveat is that they are a challenge to slice. 

So grab your biggest, sharpest knife.  Make sure your local surgeon is on speed dial.  Scrub down a yummy sweet potato.  And work out the day’s aggressions.

Season with Lawry’s, bake in a 425 degree oven for 45 minutes (until thoroughly browned) and celebrate National Sweet Potato Month.

If there’s any left, rumor has it that sweet potatoes also make yummy cupcakes.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Potatoes!

  1. Great salute to the sweet potato fry! We have 3 days left this month to commemorate its golden (albeit more orangey) hue. Sweet potatoes all around if you please–fried, of course. 🙂

  2. Glad you mentioned having the surgeon on speed dial. I was surprised at how hard it is to cut up a sweet potato. I don’t have a knife sharp enough for that task – and if I did, I’d be afraid to use it.

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