Get UR Flirt On!

So if Monday didn’t yield the sort of attention and affection you had hoped for,despair not  (enter demur smile here).  This is International Flirting Week!  🙂 

According to, there are a few key tips to successful flirting, including being yourself, being positive, and being approachable (wink). 

So bat those lashes!  Twist that strand of hair, and remember to focus on the conversation at hand. 

We here at The Daily Cupcake would love to hear how you week goes. 

Happy flirting!


2 thoughts on “Get UR Flirt On!

  1. You mean I was supposed to be flirting all week? I’ll attempt to be double flirtatious to make up for the missed days… When does it change from flirty to floozy?

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