In an aisle of complicated candy bars and celebrity endorsed sweets, sits the simple, classic gumdrop. 

Usually the gumdrop is popular at Christmas when gingerbread houses need roofing.  But after December, they are not given much notice. 

So sad, since February 15th is National Gumdrop Day. 

So obviously they need a better PR person.

The little guys are so colorful and friendly, not to mention sugary, one would think they would be more popular.  Lollipops get the Good Ship” and other songs, candy corn gets Halloween, nasty Peeps have Easter and candy hearts get Valentine’s Day, so gumdrops need an occasion, not just a cookie house.

Any suggestions? 

Brainstorming a better future for the gumdrop has been a failure here at The Daily Cupcake.  Really. 

Gumdrops and beer for St. Patrick’s Day?  Ick.  Nothing says Memorial Day like a jar of gumdrops?  Um, no. 

Isn’t there a song about a Gumdrop Tree?  So maybe celebrate Arbor Day with a gumdrop tree? 

Yeah.  We’ll keep working on it.

For now, give a gumdrop a little love.  Happy National Gumdrop Day.


2 thoughts on “Gumdrops!

  1. Huge shout out to the gum drop grape cupcake! Maybe the first day of spring could be celebrated with a gum drop? They’ve got great bright colors that make a sharp contrast to the monochromatic winter. We all need a day of sugary sweetness.

  2. For my first (of two I think) piano recital, my song was called “The Gum Drop Tree.” I still remember the words! Anyway, maybe Piano Recital Day could be the gum drop’s special occasion.

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