Clean Reading

February 9, is a day to relax and read . . . and bathe.  It’s National Read in the Bathtub Day.

This is a perfect example of a day that sounds good in theory but bites upon closer inspection.  Absolutely, there is something unapologetically indulgent about drawing a divine bath of piping hot water and fragrant bubbles, pouring a glass of personal elixir, and savoring the experience.

And while we are all for enjoying a good book as well, water and paper should be mixed only if you are trying to make a nice paste.  All the towels and washcloths, all the plastic baggies in the world cannot save a book from water damage.

Magazine pages become wrinkled; book pages eventually dry and stick together in frustrating clumps, and then there’s the electronic reader, which really should stay away from a tub.  

True, many love to read in the tub, citing that it just takes practice to do so without ruining the reading material.   That may be, but erring on the side of caution, and insuring my Kindle lives to work another day, I’ll  celebrate today by choosing to read bath appropriate material: the back of the shampoo bottle.


2 thoughts on “Clean Reading

  1. First–a salute to the cake and tub picked to represent today. I agree–my fear and love for the book keep me from indulging while in the tub. However, I see nothing wrong with getting all steamy in the tub, then curling up with the book in bed. It is quite ideal!

  2. The tub is the best place to read. Only have dropped two books and my kindle in a ziploc bag works! This day is going on my calendar and becoming a major holiday!

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