Happy Hedgehog Day

Before Punxsutawney Phil, before Gobbler’s Knob, and certainly before Bill Murry’s film, there were. . . Ancient Romans.

Bored Ancient Romans?

So, this is all based on “legend” and internet research, both of which are sooooo reliable.

Evidently, bored (inebriated?) Ancient Romans tired of winter and hoping for an early spring used a hedgehog to predict the weather.

Yes, yes. We can laugh at the idea. But in a thousand years, we in turn will most likely be laughed at for using a computer to predict the weather. As anyone suffering through this winter on the East Coast will tell you, predicting weather is futile. Why not use a cute little bug-eater to predict future temps?

Regardless, these Romans hypothesized that a hedgehog could predict the coming spring. They would wait for him to emerge at night. If he saw his shadow because of a clear moon, there would be six more weeks of winter.

And this started a trend.

America lacks hedgehogs but is blessed with an abundance of ingenuity. The ground hog replaced the hedgehog and Pennsylvania cornered the market on prognasticating pets. At the time of composition, TDC has no idea what Phil’s prediction will be.

The real question is will he be right?


One thought on “Happy Hedgehog Day

  1. Who wouldn’t love a hedgehog? Regardless, do you really think we have an early spring? For the Northeast, I hope that it’s true. As for me, PLEASE–NOOOOO! I’ll keep my chilly temps!

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