G.I. Joe Cleans Out His In-Box

This week it is time to make good on one of those New Year’s resolutions.  It is Clean Out Your In Box Week, and for some of us, it will truly take the week. 

If you know someone who is an aggressive forwarder (shout out to the Montoyas) or if you work for a company that finds it necessary to post every executive thought (shout out to the fields of medicine, business, education, etc.), your In-Box is in need of an epic purge.

And this is a cleanse that won’t have you running to the bathroom.

The Daily Cupcake recommends using the same philosophy on the In-Box as one would use on one’s closet.  If it hasn’t been accessed in 6 months, it can go or at the very least be filed away.  Why keep that reminder of a November 2008 meeting?  Really.  Really?

Even better, there is something wonderfully cathartic about deleting innane messages.  Enjoy! 

It also happens to be G.I. Joe Day.  The Daily Cupcake guesses if G.I. Joe had an In-Box, he’d never let innane messages pile up.  In fact, we like to believe he would have visited the source of innane messages with his faithful AK-47 to silence the virtually verbose.  Go Joe!


One thought on “G.I. Joe Cleans Out His In-Box

  1. You’ve been looking at my inbox again, haven’t you? Yep I do need to clean it out. I will admit that I gotta keep some of the montoya forwards–too cool to lose. Go Joe!

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