Bubble-wrap Appreciation Day

The Daily Cupcake is back after a woefully long absence.  Thank you to those who wrote to say you missed it. 

Today honors Bubble-wrap.  So the story goes like this. 

In 1957, two inventive engineers, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, decided to create a new wallpaper.  They took two shower curtains (insert a visual of 50s shower curtain patterns here) and sealed them together to create a smattering of air pockets. 

Yep, wallpaper. 

Heaven knows what their living rooms looked like, or even worse, their bathrooms where hideous wallpaper tends to lurk.  And one has to wonder if–with their demonstrable lack of taste–the Vatican deemed their respective wives saints for enduring such a visual assault.

Obviously, the wallpaper thing did not pan out, so next they tried to market it as insulation, specifically for greenhouses. 

A few years later, about the time IBM was pioneering that new-fangled device called a computer, the two discovered their wallpaper’s true purpose: packing protection.

Lady Gaga, Tekkies and Hummel-lovers everywhere, rejoice!  Today marks the anniversary of the addictively poppable invention that ensconces your valuables. 

Today’s cupcake goes to Mr. Fielding and Mr. Chavannes for their perseverance and to Mrs. Fielding and Mrs. Chavannes for assuring their husbands bubbled wallpaper was not a good idea.


One thought on “Bubble-wrap Appreciation Day

  1. And a generation of addict poppers is born… I’ll confess to be one of them! Thank goodness it’s not the shower curtain; mine would be flat by now.

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