Build a Scarecrow Day

Sure, scarecrows in recent years have come to represent fall and “Autumn Festivals” since Halloween and witches have fallen out of vogue.  But Build a Scarecrow Day falls on the first Sunday in July, not in October.

I suppose this makes sense as scarecrows are actually of use in July when gardens are beginning to produce and not in October, post-harvest.


This year the first Sunday is also the Fourth of July, so building your scarecrow early might be best.  You wouldn’t want to mix straw and fireworks on the same day.

If we were deciding who in history we would like to invite over for dinner, the first person brilliantly to decide to post a stuffed version of themselves out in the garden would be a nominee.  You have to figure that sort of agricultural creativity would translate into sparkling, entertaining dinner conversation.

Invisible Scarecrow

Of course, one should not be too creative when making a scarecrow.  The results tend to look blow-up doll pornographic.  Hmmm.  Maybe this gardner was trying to keep away neighbors as well as garden pests.

Far more preferable is tongue-in-cheek witty scarecrows with names like Tyrrano-straw-us Rex, Frosty the Snow-crow, Little Crow Peep, A-crow-bat, Double-crow-7, or Scarey Potter.

Ha!  Happy building!


3 thoughts on “Build a Scarecrow Day

  1. I just wonder if that Invisible Scarecrow is effective. This makes one ponder the question, “What do crows find scary?” Do you think it is the clothing? If so, the Invisible Scarecrow would seem the way to go…especially for us VERY artistically-challenged types (and the creator of Eeeew). Or is it the straw humanesque shape stuffed inside the clothing that freaks out the crows? Either way, I should have considered a scarecrow this year in my garden. I planted six “wads” of sunflower seeds (all different varieties) as directed by Internet research, package instructions, and successful sunflower-growers. Disappointingly, I have only ONE sunflower coming up…and not even in any spot where the wads were planted. I guess it is a sunflower. It is too soon to tell. I may be babying along some giant weed. Wouldn’t be the first time. I’m blaming the grackles for the sunflower seeds’ disappearance…damn pests! For me, Build a Scarecrow Day should have been much earlier. Oh well…there is always next year.

  2. If I only had a brain, I would have come up with something equally as brilliant. Do we need an Osama scarecrow that we can beat the stuffing out of later?

  3. When I was a kid, my grandparents always had scarecrows in their gardens. I’m not sure the scarecrows scared the crows, but they always gave me the creeps!

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