Meteor Day

Look up tonight and see–not a bird, not a plane–but meteors! June 30th, perfectly sandwiched between UFO Day and the Roswell Crash Anniversary, is Meteor Day.

For 2000 years, the Perseid meteor shower has been treating Earthlings to a celestial light show.  For the next few weeks, meteors will be a more common night sight.  And thank goodness.

Between a low pressure system from the north (I watch the Weather Channel) and Hurricane Alex whirling in from the south, clouds will make viewing the night skies impossible for the next few days. Experts agree that the Perseid meteor shower should rain shooting stars on us through the first part of August.

So when  you have a cool, clear night in the near future, enjoy the show!


One thought on “Meteor Day

  1. It makes me want to sing “Deep in the Heart of Texas!” It does seem appropriate to have the meteor shower around crash day and ufo day. What a great day for Eclipse to open!

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