Happy UFO Day!

Here’s hoping you don’t have major plans this evening or a need to rise early tomorrow morning.  It’s UFO day, which is best celebrated at night.

On June 24, 1947, Mr. Kenneth Arnold reported seeing a string of nine objects he could not quite identify in the night sky.  Evidently the alien pilot at the helm that day had much better skills than the alien flyboy on duty a week later when one of the ships allegedly crashed down outside of Roswell, New Mexico.

Whether you believe or not . . . the truth is out there.

Heh.  Couldn’t resist a Mulder moment.

So tonight to celebrate International UFO Day, UFOlogists are encouraged to search the night sky for a return of the really foreign visitors.

What are the odds they, them, whatever, have fond enough memories of the visit to want to commemorate it in an anniversary visit?  Even if they don’t show . . . again . . . watching the sky on a summer night is a nice way to enjoy the evening.  Especially since the sun is down and not attempting to cook you where you stand.  Just don’t forget the bug spray.

Not only will we here at The Daily Cupcake watch the sky, we will also celebrate by watching re-runs of Roswell (basically Twilight with aliens instead of vampires) because TV aliens are super cute and have great arms.

Happy UFO Day!


One thought on “Happy UFO Day!

  1. Thank you for the shout out commemorating my beloved alien’s arms. *sigh*
    What would we actually call a UFO if we ever discovered its identity?

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