Have a Seat

June is just for those who love to read . . . anytime . . . anywhere.  June is National Bathroom Reading month!

I suppose the month celebrates whatever material you’ve left in your throne room: US Magazine, the latest trashy novel, or in my grandmother’s case, a Service Merchandise catalogue from 1995.

However, let’s focus on reading material specifically geared toward a bathroom break.  Amazon.com is full of options from illustrious authors like ‘Uncle John’ or The Bathroom Readers Institute.

But the best volumes come from The Secret Society of Useless Information (love, love that a group of trivial people thought to create a ‘society’; the ‘secret’ part is a bit more understandable).  Evidently, a group of Brits got together “to explore the world’s most bizarre nooks and crannies, to trade and share in useless information.”  Now you too can learn that giraffes have no vocal cords or that peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite.  Just make sure there isn’t a line for the bathroom when you have a seat and begin to read.

It’s also a dead give away what you’ve been up to when you announce how many unopened bottles of wine went down with the Titanic.


One thought on “Have a Seat

  1. My fav bathroom reading! Yes, I’ll confess my love of bathroom reading time includes a secret society. Why not? It makes me feel as though I get smarter as I sit there! This is a great one!

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