Happy Summer!

Today’s cupcake goes to all of us.  It is the first day of summer!  Nevermind that the thermometer has suggested for weeks that summer is not only here but that there’s little chance of her ever leaving.

What does one do to celebrate summer?


Seriously.  It’s all those years of school and equating summer with vacation.

Yeah, I know.  So what about those out of school and in the working world with a curmudgeon of a boss who won’t let you take an early day to celebrate the official changing of a season?

Lots of ideas come to mind.  There’s the summer perennial favorite: “gone fishin’.”  Enjoying a picnic?  Snacking on a watermelon (and yes spitting the seeds is part of the fun).  Popsicles and sno-cones?  Taking a dip in cool water (pool, lake, or stream)?

Then there’s grilling.  Grilling low-end burger/hot dog fare or high-end steak/salmon, it matters not.  Grilling is a rite of summer (and probably has it’s own official day: I’ll look into it).  Not only do you have a delicious dish to enjoy, you’ve driven the neighbors crazy with the yummy smells wafting over the fence.  Somehow that makes it taste even better.

Happy First Day of Summer!


2 thoughts on “Happy Summer!

  1. Who can cook outside in this heat? I want someone to invent an indoor grill that actually makes the food taste like it was grilled outside. I’ve had food grilled on several different indoor/smokeless grills. It was just OK. I’m just sure that someone can do better. Plus…no outdoor eating for me. I don’t care what the temperature is. I do not like sharing my food with flying insects. It never fails that I slap at the insects and spill my food.

    On a somewhat different note, I have been taking Vitamin B-1 for about a year now. My dad swears that it keeps mosquitoes from biting you if you take this vitamin. My official findings: the mosquitoes still bite, BUT the bite is much milder and less itch-y and goes away quicker. I guess that means the B-1 works…sort of. Maybe I just need to take it longer. I hear it is a long-term/build-up kind of thing. Or it could mean that we have had only wimpy mosquitoes so far this year. Time will tell.

    How is that for screwing up your topic? Happy first day of summer, everyone!! It’s hot here, too.

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