Happy Keanu Day!

Ah, the Internet is a strange and wonderful thing.  Out of no where, the net sparks the greatest of reasons to celebrate: Keanu Reeves.

So here’s the story.

Last week a picture of a rather forlorn Mr. Reeves sitting on a park bench hit the www.  Concerned fans queried what could have his so down and decided to coordinate their efforts to cheer him up.  Hoping for the same grass roots swell of support that put Betty White on Saturday Night Live, the group declared today Cheer Up Keanu Day.

Love it!  Cupcakes to bloggists and fans wielding  their powers for good instead of evil.

And a big Cheer Up cupcake to Keanu.  Loved him in Bill and Ted, loved him in Point Break, loved him in Paula Abdul’s “Rush, Rush” video, loved him in Speed, The Gift, and then that little movie . . . what was it called? . . . ah, yes . . . The Matrix.  Whoa!  What a career.


3 thoughts on “Happy Keanu Day!

  1. Nice choice for a special day! I’ve read that Keanu loves ballroom dancing. I keep hoping he’ll show up on Dancing with the Stars! That would be an Excellent Adventure!

  2. I think I know why Keanu is down–he has yet to meet me, the future love of his life! 🙂 I’d be happy to cheer him up…

  3. Ummmm…as long as you keep Keanu supplied with an infinite amount of cupcakes, maybe he will be too occupied to try to speak. (I just couldn’t resist.) 🙂

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