Never Too Late To Celebrate

Because this post is rolling out at 11:50 pm, we shall consider it a two-for.  This is a good thing as June 7 is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.  (Feel free to celebrate with a midnight snack and then continue celebrating on the 8th too since I’m giving you such short notice.)

Never would I have guessed ice cream comes from the desert.  Seriously, what do you think of when you think of ancient Persia?

Besides a shirt-less Jake Gyllenhaal.

Mostly, hot, hot, dry, hot desert-y misery comes to mind.  And if a person is hot, hot, dripping with sweat hot, what is the cure for such misery?  You guessed it: ice cream!

First Persians created flavored ice . . . well first they created underground storage to preserve ice well into the summer, but that seems more appropriate for National Refrigerator Day (if there is such a thing) . . . then they added milk to their flavored ice.  Evidently the evil tyrant Nero preferred his flavored with nuts and honey.  It was probably a refreshing treat after a long day of smiting.

Who exactly paired ice cream and chocolate is unknown.  Isn’t that horrible?  This person’s anonymous genius provides a bit of heaven on earth and is forever after unacknowledged by the chocolate ice cream-loving world.

With whom exactly to share that creamy ambrosia, however, is perfectly clear.  June 8 is Best Friends Day.

So grab your BFF, your Bestie, your brother from another mother, your soul sister, and enjoy a sweet scoop.  Tomorrow’s temps are to top out near 100 degrees.  With that sort of heat, just grabbing a random stranger off of the street and treating said person to an ice cream is guaranteed to provide you with a new best friend!


One thought on “Never Too Late To Celebrate

  1. In the absence of my Bestie, I request to celebrate this two-for at a later date. It seems wrong to celebrate alone. Soooo pick out the place for your fav choc ice cream and we’ll make a date!

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