Donut Day

What could be wrong about a day that celebrates sweet, fried dough?  (Do not consult your inner thigh for the answer.)  Happy Donut Day!

It just so happens that donut love is universal as almost every country in the world has some variation of fried dough.  Isn’t it nice to know that if an Oz-worthy Twister sucked you out of your home and tossed you all the way to, let’s say, Tunisia, you could get up, dust yourself off and eat a donut to celebrate your miraculous survival?

Why wait for a tornado?  You are alive now.  Go for it: have a donut!

If you prefer to think about a donut rather eat a donut, here’s a quiz to help expand your knowledge of the gooey goodness.

And, if you would be so kind, please explain what the saying ‘dollars to donuts’ means.  So befuddled!


4 thoughts on “Donut Day

  1. I’d rather eat the donut than think about it. If I missed a donut today should I eat two tomorrow? Maybe I’ll just do the quiz.

  2. Now you’re talking my language…DONUTS!!! Don’t get me wrong. I love cupcakes, but donuts and me are like this. (Imagine two fingers stuck together like glue.) Then there is the cookie….

  3. Sweet, delicious, fried. I see nothing wrong with the confection! Makes me have a bit of a craving. Krispy Kreme, anyone?

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