Running Day

Today’s cupcake goes to the runners of the world.

I have to admit, I should run.  Well, first I should walk regularly, build to a jog and then run.  There is something effortless and freeing about running.  Or at least in seeing a person run by my lounging on the couch self.  For a moment, I want to be that runner.  I’m just sure the Chariots of Fire soundtrack is playing in the runner’s head.

What will it take to get me up in the morning for a run?  Nike knows! Do I have any mask-wearing, chain-saw-toting friends who’d like to volunteer?

There are lots of how-to’s available if you too would like to run.  And lots of health benefits if you do start running, including the euphoric ‘runner’s high’.  There are also new running ‘shoes’ available for those who like running barefoot.

Then there are those who are not content with finding a nice, normal running trail or dirt path.  Crazy.

The oldest marathon runner on record was 98.  In other words, there really isn’t an excuse for the rest of us.  I suppose we all need to get up off the porch and go for it, à la Forrest.

Run, people, run!


3 thoughts on “Running Day

  1. The oldest marathoner is/was 98? There’s hope for me! If I start working on it now, maybe I can be a marathoner by the time I’m 98.

  2. I read these out of order. I read donut day before running day. Hmmmmm, kinda messes up my donut plans if i want to be a runner. I no longer want to dream of running. I’m working on actually doing it. (Please no witnesses yet, it just ain’t pretty!)

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