Hah-peey Biihhhrr-thdaaay tooooo yoooou.

84 years ago today, Marilyn Monroe came into the world. 

Eh, okay.  Technically Norma Jeane Mortenson was the one who came into the world, but that’s not quite as hook-y an intro. 

Whatever.  It’s Marilyn Monroe’s 84th birthday! 

Had she have lived to see it, The Daily Cupcake theorizes that she would dethrone Joan Rivers as Queen of Cosmetic Surgery.  So, parts of her would have turned 84 today.

Love her or hate her, she made the most of her 36 years.  After enduring a rocky childhood, undergoing a supposed nose and chin job, and embracing a bottle of peroxide, the transformation from Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe was complete, and the world has not been the same since.  

Why?  Sexy in the 50s and scandalous in the 60s, she took celebrity gossip to a whole new level.  Not that it seemed to have bothered her much.  After all, she gave the public everything. 

Add to it the fact that she couldn’t take a bad picture, and celluloid (now in its many forms: film, print, Internet) has not only kept her relevant but inspired others as well.  Elton John’s song, Andy Warhol’s work, Hugh Hefner’s career, Scarlet Johanson’s hair,

Mary had a little lamb?

Megan Fox’s tattoo . . . her influence has endured the decades when her predecessors’ and contemporaries’ has faded from view. 

That’s quite an accomplishment . . . for anyone. 

Happy Birthday, Marilyn.


2 thoughts on “Hah-peey Biihhhrr-thdaaay tooooo yoooou.

  1. I felt an irrational need to sing a breathy “Happy Birthday” song all the way through after I read your entry. I’ll be humming that all day. Thanks so much. :-/

  2. If only I could be seductive when I’m sewn into a dress… Happy Birthday, Marilyn! May your legend live on and on and on and on…

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