Smile Month

Braced tooth, people, NOT a ballgag

Are you glaring at the computer screen?  Stop.  Breathe. 

Now, smile.  It’s smile month! 

Turns out, smiling improves how others perceive you (even over the phone) because a smile conveys confidence, ease, and a connection.  It also improves your appearance (probably for the same reasons).  More over, smiling reduces stress, which “may lower blood pressure, improve digestion, regulate blood sugar and curb neurotic reactions brought on by prolonged anxiety.” 

The real question is how to celebrate Smile Month.  Eat a cupcake?  I suppose this works if cupcakes make you smile . . . and you brush and floss afterwards. 

Watch a funny movie?  Might I suggest Little Miss Sunshine or Dodgeball.

Going with the theory that smiling is contagious, The Daily Cupcake offers a smile gallery to help you get your smile on:


Happy Smile Month!

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3 thoughts on “Smile Month

  1. Smile and the world smiles with you. Yeah, right! But I’ll celebrate it nonetheless. Cupcakes definitely make me smile. 🙂

  2. Some of us smile easily – even if there is nothing to smile about. I’ve always hoped a smile gave a pleasant but slightly mysterious look – you know, like, what does SHE have to smile about?

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