Cookies and Burgers

The Daily Cupcake is back after a few days’ absence, which means we’ve missed a handful of commemorative days and the fun reasons to celebrate them.  Argh!  

One of those days, May 25, was Cookie Monster’s birthday.  Since belated birthday cards are always funnier than on-time cards, it seems perfectly acceptable to offer C-Mon a belated cupcake.  

The 00s have not been good to the blue muppet.  Nevermind that he has been scarfing down cookies since his début on Sesame Street in 1969.  In 2004, he was forced to change his agenda to include things like carrots, grapes and eggplant.  It seems Mr. Monster was a corrupting influence on the massive youth masses.  Now, his PR team has him reciting to the public that “cookies are a sometimes food.”  You know, ’cause it’s too much to ask parents to limit a kid’s caloric intake.  Yeesh.  

This is right up there with blaming Halloween for all the malevolence in the world.  After all, a young Kim Jong-Il was inspired to evil domination by Trick-or-Treating as a goblin.  Whatever.  So, join me in a giant eye-roll for our culture’s lightening-fast finger-pointing and in wishing Mr. Sid “Cookie” Monster a happy birthday. 

Hamburger cupcake

With Memorial Day just a few days away, today is a perfect day to celebrate Hamburger Month.  

Want to know who invented the hamburger?  Me too!  

While Wikipedia offers a fun look at the genesis of ground meat flattened into a patty (horse-riding Mongols?  who knew?), there is a debate as to who really created America’s first burger.  

Documentation proves Fletcher Davis of Athens, Texas, served burgers by the late 1880s and took his meaty sandwich to the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair (where it would inspire later chains like McDonald’s a Dairy Queen).  

On the other hand, in 1995, the Oklahoma state governor officially credited Weber Bilby of Tulsa for creating the hamburger in 1891.  And I won’t even mention Connecticut’s and Wisconsin’s claims. 

As an AHS graduate, I am biased.  Go Athens!  

Regardless of whether you believe Texas, Oklahoma, Connecticut or Wisconsin, fire-up the grill and make a mouth-watering burger for dinner tonight.  The neighbors will be soooo jealous!


3 thoughts on “Cookies and Burgers

  1. Happy (late) Birthday, Cookie Monster, you evil influencer of our nation’s obese children and adults. At last I have something to blame for my portly ways. Gotta love a…uh…scapemonster.

    Go Big A! Love the burger. I celebrate it much too often…

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