Happy Eliza Doolittle Day

To celebrate today, you will need to take a mental trip.  Where? you ask.  Turn of the (previous) century London.  Wimpole Street.  27A Wimpole Street, to be exact.

And why would one travel then and there?

27 Wimpole Street

To celebrate the day Eliza Doolittle demands Henry Higgins’ head.

Sort of.

Web searching (web-searching? wearching?) ‘Eliza Doolittle Day’ reveals May 20 as ‘a day to celebrate the mastery of one’s own language’.  This seems off to me.  Eliza certainly mastered Cockney English, but that wasn’t a feat to be celebrated.  Then she mastered the King’s English, but can we say that was her language? 

With a bit more wearching, it became clear that today is Eliza Doolittle Day simply because she declared it to be thus:

One day I’ll be famous, I’ll be proper and prim,
Gone to St. James so often I will call it St. Jim.
One evening the King will say, “Oh, Liza, old thing,*
I want all of England your praises to sing.

Next week on the twentieth of May, da-da-da-da-da-da-DA,
I proclaim Eliza Doolittle Day!
All the people will celebrate the glory of you,
And whatever you wish or want I gladly shall do.”

Gossip Girl tips its hats to Eliza

“Thanks a lot, King,” says I in a manner well-bred,
“But all I want is ‘enry ‘iggins ‘ead!” dum-da-dum

So, maybe today celebrates the mastery of one’s own language; maybe it celebrates victory over a nemesis; maybe it celebrates earning royal praise, or maybe it celebrates being who you are, accepted for who you are, despite surrounding critics. 

Any way you slice it, today is a day to celebrate. 

What does one do to celebrate?  I vote we all tell someone around us to “MOVE YOUR BLOOMIN’ ASS!”  Maybe that’s just me. 

Happy May 20th!


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