Tennis Month

So what is there to do on a random Wednesday afternoon?  Play tennis.  May is the official month for tennis.

Tracking down the origins of tennis is no easy task.  There were 4th and 5th century versions of ball games, like handball or pelota, which could be considered the granddaddies of tennis. 

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Shakespeare both reference tennis.  And archealogical digs have unearthed early tennis balls made of putty and hair in France and stuffed goat stomach in Scotland.  [All of this makes me very happy to live now and not then.  How deperate for entertainment must a person be to bat around a stuffed goat stomach?  I

Randon vintage tennis player; not Henry VIII

much prefer today’s version.  In a variety of colors.] 

History also has it that Henry VIII was playing a game of tennis when he learned his innocent wife Anne Boleyn had been executed.  So, the game has quite a back story.

Finally, the tennis we might be able to pick out of a line-up came about in the early 1860s when an Englishman and his game of ‘rackets’ met a Spaniard and his game of ‘pelota’.  The game combination was plopped down on a croquet court and viola!  Tennis. 

Tennis is a great way to spend the afternoon.  It’s social; it’s physical; and you have a weapon to use against any ball flying towards your face.  And then there are the great clothes and gear.  Gotta love it!

So don’t spend another afternoon breathing the stale air of indoors.  Don’t spend another evening watching T.V. or rearranging your sock drawer.  Find a friend and enjoy a game of tennis!


3 thoughts on “Tennis Month

  1. It sounds easy enough, but what happens when you play tennis so badly and so wildly that you need two courts to play on? Do you reserve two courts? Or do you just hope that the people playing on the adjacent court won’t experience tennis rage?

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