Moving Month

Today’s cupcake goes out to those enduring the stress of relocating.  You are not alone: May is Moving Month.

The Daily Cupcake is in the midst of moving its headquarters from Colorado Springs to San Antonio, so today’s topic hits close to ‘huh-I-wonder-where-I-packed-that?’ home. 

No matter if you are moving across the street, across the country, or across the world (though international moving certainly sounds more adventurous and therefore more worth the headache), moving sucks!  Okay, it sucks for those of us who like life to have a little order and like to know in which drawer a person can find a pair of scissors.  I know some people enjoy sorting through their things and getting a chance to start afresh somewhere new.  Craziness.

There are all sorts of resources available (the best of which are 6’5″ and bench-press Volvos) to make your move less stressful.  For a moving timeline, check out  And if you discover you are already behind, check out the incredibly helpful  They provide 101 tips, no clock attached. 

For those of you fortunate enough to stay put in May, take a casserole, paper plates, plastic forks and some packing tape to your stressed out neighbor who is moving.  Sure, they’ll be gone soon, so the good deed probably won’t result in a plate of Christmas cookies come December.  But the world can use all the kindness it can get.  And your neighbor will need packing tape . . . probably at 2 a.m.   If the situation were reversed, you know you would want food and tape if you were trying to move . . . . so why not help ’em out?


2 thoughts on “Moving Month

  1. Hear, hear! Moving does suck, but I still like the possibilities over staying in one place. It’s nice to know that it’s a national movement–who would have thought this May would have so many cold fronts!?

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