Bike Month

The League of American Bicyclists wants you to park your car.  It is Bike Month!

I love the idea of biking everywhere.  First of all, my legs (and my health in general) would love me for it.  Second, it’s lots of fun to tour through the world on a bike.  Third, I am a sucker for the vintage bicycle.  Pain in the ass (literally and figuratively) to ride, but oooooohhhh so cool.  Fourth, for a country with a weight problem and morbid fossil fuel dependency, bicycling is a twofor.  You would think that the U.S. would be all over cycling. 

But no.

Cycling in Sweden

Biking everywhere is sort of like gun control.  To ban gun use is fine as long as guns are banned for everyone.  But if there’s a chance we’ll run into someone toting a gun and a ‘tude, then we all should have the right to arm ourselves.  Similarly, if we all decide to bike around our towns and cities, I’m on board, but if a few of us have cars and then happen to be grumpy drivers.  Uh, no. 

I’ve lived in too many truck-happy, bike-bigoted places to go it alone.  In other words, we’re stalemated in a “you first.” 

So who goes first?

This month is a chance for all of us to give biking to work, etc. a test ride.  New York City, Sacramento, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia are a few examples of major cities embracing the cyclist.  Go to to find out about Bike Month events near you.

Swedish parking garage

Who knows?  Maybe one day the U.S. will achieve the cycling culture of Sweden.  What a parking garage!  Rush hour and carpool would certainly look different, too.


4 thoughts on “Bike Month

  1. All hail the lovely bike! I salute and bow to the use of the bike and should get my very large arse onto one post haste!

  2. You inspired us! We went for a bike ride “around the neighborhood.” I’m REALLY out of shape – I’m not sure I’ll be able to move tomorrow.

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