Felt No More!

So 75 years ago, today would be a big deal.  After all, the second Saturday is May is Straw Hat Day.  

The haberdasher’s version of the peddler’s tenet ‘no white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day’, Straw Hat Day officially announces that spring is here and that the felt hat should be replaced by its summer counterpart.   

Yeah, I wondered too.  Why a person caught in April’s limbo must wear summery white shoes and a wintery felt hat is beyond me.

Boater-style straw hat

(The Daily Cupcake is looking into the possibility of khaki week or navy month to avoid the ugliness, but so far no luck.) 
No worries.  Today fashion clashin’ is put to rights, and the white shoe is to be paired appropriately with a straw topper. 
Thank goodness.


UPenn Straw Hat Day ballgame

 Straw Hat Day is still celebrated at the University of Pennsylvania as part of its Hey Day traditions.  Students celebrate the advancement of classes with Class Day, Ivy Day, The Parade of Classes, and of course, wear straw hats to the baseball game with rival Princeton. 

New Eugenia Kim for Target hat


While Straw Hat Day intended wearing the Boater style straw hat (as seen on traditionally dressed barbershop quartets), there are all sorts of yummy straw hats to consider. 

Too much for a graduation ceremony? Nah.


The celebration of a graduation, the fun of a spring ballgame, the glamour of Cannes, spring is filled with reasons to don a great straw hat.  

I’ve dug mine out of the closet.  

If only it weren’t raining.


One thought on “Felt No More!

  1. I have donned mine as well. It’s a shame I don’t look too dashing. Really I resemble a troll-like gardener. Sad thought.

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