National Chicken Dance Day

I know this will surprise you, dear reader, but The Chicken Dance was slow to catch on.  Ha! 

This oom-pah song began as a Swiss accordian piece in the 1950s and over the next two decades morphed into other unsuccessful versions.  Finally in 1980, De Electronicas came up with the now-famous instrumental song which debuted at Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Oktoberfest in 1981.  There is a question as to who came up with the dance, but like peas and carrots, song and dance seemed destined to go together. 

And might The Daily Cupcake commend whomever thought to debut the song at Oktoberfest.  

My theory is that only adults whose judgment is impaired by alcohol love the song, so it makes sense why “The Chicken Dance” is a staple of sporting events and wedding receptions.  Kids love it because . . . . . well, they also love purple dinosaurs and Trekkie-dressed singing Australians, so loving “The Chicken Dance” doesn’t strike me as much of a stretch. 

Nevermind that DotMusic named it the most annoying song of all time, if YouTube is an indicator, “The Chicken Dance” is here to stay. 

And honestly, “The Chicken Dance” is party code for ‘we’re not taking ourselves too seriously here so let loose and have some fun’ (tip: you might want to give camera-toting non-dancers a wide berth or it may come back to haunt you). 

So, up from your desk!  Imbibe if you must; no cameras are around, so all together now “Da da dada da dade, Da da dada da dade. Bok bok bok bok.”


3 thoughts on “National Chicken Dance Day

  1. I love “The Chicken Dance” (no alcohol necessary), but then I was always too big of a dork to mind looking ridiculous. 🙂

    I would like to subtract points from the fuddy-duddy groom for being too cool for “The Chicken Dance!”

  2. I LOVE the chicken dance!! Definitely almost started breaking out at work tonight… I just might a little later!! Thanks for the dancing fun!!

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