National Etiquette Week

Say the word ‘etiquette’ and most people think of annoying behavior rules grandmothers everywhere emphasize.  Like elbows on the table is a harbinger of the apocalypse.  However, the truth is that etiquette is key for anyone wanting to remain polite in human society. 

How well do you publicly comport yourself?  Take this general etiquette quiz and find out.

And then there is the need for updated etiquette, or netiquette, especially important with our ever-growing dependence on technology.  What are today’s rules with electronic devices influencing what we do and how we communicate?

The 21st century’s Golden Rule is ‘remember the human.’ 

That said, an important email rule: don’t email in all caps (unless you really do mean to yell and don’t want the email read completely). 

An important cell phone rule: in a public place don’t speak loudly on your cell phone or about emotional, private matters that should be talked about, you know, in private.  [Since cell phones are undoubtedly the most impolitely used devices out there, here is a hysterical article on cell phone etiquette.]

An important texting rule: texting in the presence of a friend, date, or colleague basically screams at that person, ‘you are so boring that I would rather speak to someone not here than converse one more second with you.’

An important I-don’t-want-to-die-or-murder-people-around-me rule: don’t text and drive.  That this is even a question truly is a harbinger of the apocalypse.

Don’t be that person no one likes and everyone avoids.  Practice consideration and respect: know your etiquette.


One thought on “National Etiquette Week

  1. 67%. According to the quiz, I passed. Hmmmm. I like their standards. I have to admit that I do the cell phone in the line for fast food. I have violated the sanctity of the article (which made me agree with the other 9 points made by the author). I shall work on these things for National Etiquette Week. See, we all have goals!

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