No Pants Day?

So, I thought today, No Pants Day, would be a day to sing songs about the dress.  A fantastic blog like DressADay could be mentioned.  Adorable pics of adorable dresses would be highlighted. 

Ha!  Not so fast. 

It would seem that businesspeople, tired of looking business-like, have declared the first Friday in May No Pants Day . . . or ‘wear your boxers to work day’.  Why isn’t it called ‘Boxer Day’ (huh, maybe that sounds too much like Boxing Day) or ‘Wear Your Skivvies To Work Day’ (nope, now that I type it out, it does sound like a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen)?  Yeah, so now that you have read my thought process, it is clear why today is called No Pants Day. 

If you have unknowingly violated the spirit of today and actually left your home fully dressed, fear not!  There’s a great pictorial tribute to those who remembered to celebrate today.  No pants takes guts.  Go them!


One thought on “No Pants Day?

  1. Dang it! I wore holey pants which almost seemed like no pants, but it’s just not the same. Happy No Pants to You! Did you liberate your legs or just pay tribute to those who did?

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