Teacher and Water . . . What a Week

We start today with a whole week’s worth of cupcakes! 

May 3, begins a week-long tribute to educators with Teacher Appreciation Week.  Teachers are having a rough go of it this year with many districts having to cut jobs and close schools because of sinking state budgets.  To illustrate how badly our teachers are in need of appreciation, the news last week highlighted a heated school board meeting, or uh, “debate.”  The board wanted to merge classes, creating a student/teacher ratio of 40:1.  The teachers were against it.  Really, really against it.  What Mensa member thinks merging classes is a way “to fix” the situation is beyond me.  No one in their right mind would single-handedly take on a classroom of 40  ten-year-olds!  In fact, I’ve just looked up the word “hell” and Webster’s says, “(n.) public school classroom of 40 students where you are the only adult.” 

You know Doris Day would never have tolerated such a motion.  And the board would never have suggested it since she’s carrying a big stick.  So this week, give some love to the teachers out there.  If your district is making crazy suggestions to save money, a long, lethal-looking pointing stick might make the perfect gift.  Or, there is always the nice bouquet of flowers. 

You might also need this because along with a week of teacher-love, it’s also Drink Water Week. 

There are all sorts of health benefits to drinking water, and then there’s the wonders it does for the skin, too.  So this week, put down the Diet Coke, cork the wine, forget the other beverages and focus on water.  Since the latest taboo is drinking water from plastic bottles, take a look at this adorable reusable water bottle. 

If you’re still drinking from the evil plastic containers, at least take the empties to be recycled. 

Major snaps to Anthropologie for using recycled plastic water bottles for their store displays. 

Can’t find the bottles? 

All the flowers are cut and painted water bottles.  So cool!


One thought on “Teacher and Water . . . What a Week

  1. Webster is really up to date! Who knew he could foresee the future and know the true definition of hell! 🙂

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