May Day


While it may sound more like a distress call than a holiday, May Day is the celebration of the return of spring.  Sort of.

Turns out, that our European ancestors from whom the holiday came were celebrating a myriad of things: the Roman goddess Flora, the Germanic saint Walpurgis, the return of light and sun, the Catholic celebration of Mary, or the country’s laborers. 

Tying a ribbon condom?

Some accounts say May Day was an European excuse for raucous celebration; others argue it was yet another opportunity for Germanic peoples to celebrate all things phallic (thus erecting a giant maypole; yeah, ruins it for me, too).  

Since the Puritans didn’t take kindly to the Pagan holiday, it never really caught on in the States.  Today, May Day might include dancing around a maypole (which now has an ick factor) or placing a May Day basket on someone’s door step.  Preferably someone who is a swift runner and a good kisser.

And on a completely different note, the first Saturday in May is also Free Comic Book Day.  If you are a comic book fan or think you might like to become one, a free comic book awaits you at your local participating comic book dealer.


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