National Dance Day

Today The Daily Cupcake celebrates dance!

This works as dance is usually a celebratory act in and of itself.  So where ever you are, stand up from your computer chair and do a little booty shake.  Really.  Stand up and shake your money-maker.  Come on, who’s watching?  It’s a day to dance.  Go for it.

Bizarre dancing cupcake display.

If your money-maker is broke, today’s cupcake offers all sorts of inspiration.  Here goes.

Top Dance Videos (of almost all time): Michael Jackson’s “Thriller“; Madonna’s “Vogue” (either the video or the MTV Awards performance); Beyonce’s “Single Ladies“; Fat Boy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice.”

Top Dance YouTube Video: “Evolution of Dance” and Ok Go’s “Here It Goes Again”

Top Dance TV Show: “So You Think You Can Dance“; honorable mention goes to “Dancing with the Stars” (now that Kate Gosselin is gone).

Top Dance Movies (7 because choosing 1 is impossible): Dirty Dancing; Strictly Ballroom; Singing in the Rain; Top Hat; Footloose; White Nights; and just cause Channing Tatum is yummy, Step Up.

Best Dancer: Fred Astaire (now before you sharpen your taps ready to dance in disagreement, consider that his dance scenes, which were several minutes long, were shot in one take.  No splicing a performance together.  He got it right or reshot it.  Incredible.)

Best Dance Scene: “Tango de Roxanne” in Moulin Rouge. It is a stunning balance of dance, music and storytelling.  Long live Baz!  Honorable mention: the tango scene from Scent of a Woman.  The only scene that makes Al Pacino remotely likeable (in that, or any other film).

Best Dance:  Has to be the Tango.  If it’s done right, jaws drop.  Every time.


One thought on “National Dance Day

  1. Hadn’t seen the “Here it goes again” video. Holy Cannoli! That was the greatest ever! Seriously–EVER! Good choices. Have the urge to shake booty…….okay that’s done, and now I need to watch Moulin Rouge!

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