No, the title of this entry is not a swear word, it’s the price of a scoop of ice cream tonight at Baskin-Robbins! 

Baskin Robbins has partnered with National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and will donate $100,000.00 to the cause. 

Couch cushion coins, change in the ashtray, penny collections can all be put to tasty use this evening at participating BR stores.  There are 31 flavorful options for you.  (Supposedly Baskin-Robbins chose 31 so there was a flavor for each day of the month, but BR fanatics know the real reason was to beat out Howard Johnson’s 28 flavors.  Oh, the corporate high drama of 1953.) 

If 31 flavors are too many yummy options to choose from, head over to iVillage and take their ice cream quiz.  They will recommend a flavor based on your personality profile.  (Turns out, I am vanilla, which they assure me does not indicate I am boring.  At least vanilla is the most popular flavor, right?)

Even in today’s economic recession, 31 cents is a bargain, so give yourself, and maybe a friend or two, a sweet treat tonight and support a worthy cause at the same time.


2 thoughts on “$.31!

  1. One, I’m disgusted that I missed cheap ice cream last night. Two, I am also a vanilla. I find the test suspect since I’m a choco-holic.

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