National Pie Week

It is the week-end for pie! 

Not to be confused with January 23’s National Pie Day, April 23-25 is National Pie Week, er . . . well, week-end anyway. 

The American Pie Council will hold its National Pie Championships and Great American Pie Festival in where else?  Celebration, Florida!  Who even knew we had an American Pie Council?

First created in 12th century England, the pie (or tarte) enfolded savory meats in its crusty shell.  Someone must have thought (and rightly so, I might add) that almost anything would be better if served in a flaky baked dough.  The idea caught on and made famous Little Jack Horner’s thumb, pie-eating contests, and best of all the comedic pie in the face.

So, there is not a ‘cupcake’ for today.  Instead, we embrace the cuppie! (Which should not rhyme with puppy.  It’s cup-pie, like pup-eye.)  

And if we are talking cuppies, we have to give a shout out to the tragically-cancelled-before-it-should-have-been TV show Pushing Daisies and the adorable Pie Hole where our hero Ned and his sweetheart, Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles (or Chuck to her friends) served yummy-looking cuppies. 

On a lazy, spring Sunday afternoon, what could be more delightful than a delicious pie cooling in a breezy window?  Everyone, to the kitchen (or store)! 

Happy Pie Week (end).


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