Happy Birthday, Eeyore!

What better way to prove that The Daily Cupcake is an equal opportunity celebrator than by wishing the poster-child of pessimism a happy birthday?  Today Eeyore turns 82.  So bust out the honey-jars, popped balloons, and thistle, and all together now: “Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday, dear Eeeeeee-yoooooore.”

For those of you who did not grow up reading the Pooh series, Eeyore is one of Pooh Bear’s friends: the old, grey donkey with a crotchety, grey disposition to match.  He lives in the bottom right-hand corner of 100 acre woods in a “gloomy place: rather boggy and sad.”  He expects the worst of the world around him, and thinks the worst of the other forest animals. 

In other words, he is a depressed ass.

I find Eeyore annoying (caveat: consider the source; I blog about cupcakes).  It’s too easy to focus on negativity.  And the safest seat in the house is the one that does nothing and judges everything. 

The Last Lecture‘s Randy Pausch gave a great piece of advice: decide whether you are an Eeyore or a Tigger.  I am Team Tigger, so I love Austin’s Tigger-take on Eeyore’s day.

Those in the Austin, Texas area today can celebrate the misanthropic donkey with a philanthropic party.  The last Saturday in April, Austonians commemorate Eeyore’s birthday with a day-long festival in Pease Park to raise funds for Austin-area non-profit groups.

For those nowhere near Texas Hill Country, consider the Eeyores in your vicinity.  Let’s face it, we all have at least one depressing acquaintance.  Today, give ’em a hug.  Will they complain if you do?  You bet.  But then, don’t they complain about everything?


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