Mother’s Day and National Parks Week

Odds are anyone unaware that today is Earth Day is currently trapped under something heavy or living in cave . . . and has been for a while. And, those squished/cave-dwellers probably aren’t reading this blog. So even though you, dear reader, already know to celebrate the mother of all mothers today, The Daily Cupcake wishes you a very Happy Earth Day!

Redwood National Park

There’s lots to do to celebrate today: plant a tree (my cherry tree is a year old today and about to bloom); share a ride to work; take a walk; recycle something (like a new compostable Sun Chips bag!  Love the commercials starring Joel McHale and well, you know, Earth). 

The idea of today is to enjoy the beautiful nature around us (what better time than spring to do this?) and remember that the earth is in our care. 

It’s no wonder that Earth Day falls in the middle of National Parks

Yosemite National Park

 Week.  Even those living in the city are but a drive away from one of our country’s beautiful parks and a chance to enjoy the wonder of nature.

Thanks to Ken Burn’s PBS series (not to mention the family wallet needing to vacation closer to home), U.S. national parks are getting lots of attention lately.  In fact starting this year, they are even

American Samoa

getting their own commemorative quarters. 

While most people know of Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and (because of the spaghetti song) the Smokies, little park gems pepper the U.S. and are just waiting to be discovered.   

And quickly.  A few of our National Parks are threatened by climate change and considered endangered.


One thought on “Mother’s Day and National Parks Week

  1. Love the commercial, too! I have to admit that the compostable Sun Chips bags are very LOUD!! But hey–what’s a little volume when helping the earth? I have the sudden need for a road trip to see some parks…

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