“Louie Louie” Day

When The Kingsmen rolled out the song in 1963, did they have any idea how popular it would be?  Probably not. 

But the song would be featured in movies, on TV shows, at ball games until everyone (regardless of age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious affiliation) and their grandmother could loudly sing the ‘Louie  Lou-I’ chorus, and then sort of mumble through the lyrics of the verses until the chorus repeats. 

Kevin Kline as the president in Dave sings "Louie Louie".

How fitting that the day of the song Rolling Stone ranked 55 on its list of the top 500 songs of all time falls on National Karaoke Week!

Yep!  It’s time to sing, sing out loud, sing a song, etc. 

Bust out the Karaoke machine or head to the local Karaoke Bar and belt out your favorite tunes. 

Celebrate good times, come on!

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