Everyone . . . Start Your Gardens!

The Daily Cupcake is waving its checkered flag. 

You, our dear reader (and yes, we suspect there is only one), should don your gardening gloves and faded denims and get ready to revv your spades because it is National Gardening Month. 

The First Lady has already commenced with the White House’s garden.  In other words, if your seeds are still at the store, you are behind!  Whether you have a sunny window, a courtyard, or a spacious backyard, a vegetable garden can be yours this summer. 

Window box garden

Time to get digging.  The idea is to plant what you like to eat. 

yummy sweet peas


And no, pizza and hamburger seeds are not available, so think lettuce and carrots; think zucchini and squash; think radishes and cucumbers; think strawberries and cherry tomatoes; think corn and potatoes; think really big award-winning pumpkins for Halloween; think

ambitious, raised vegetable garden

how nice it will be to avoid upwardly spiralling produce prices. 

But don’t just think about it.  Make sure to get it in the fertilized ground and water it regularly, too.

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