Buddha + Frogs

Today is Buddha Day, or Vesākha Day in China, which celebrates Buddha’s birthday.  As I grew up Baptist, I am familiar with the Buddha belly but not much else regarding this religious holiday or the man it honors.  However, in deference to Buddhists among us, Happy Buddha Day!

April is also the month of the frog.  As a kid, really didn’t like frogs.   I preferred pink objects, especially if said objects incorporated polka-dots, lace, or flounces.  Heaven?  Pink with polka-dots, lace, and flounces.  Oh yeah!  

Frogs, on the other hand, were warty, ugly, green/brown things.  But, somewhere along the way, the frog became a more charming creature.  Kermit is probably to thank for that. 

K-frog is one of many ways cultural mythology celebrates the frog.  Wikipedia explains it best: “Frogs feature prominently in folklore, fairy tales and popular culture. They tend to be portrayed as benign, ugly, clumsy, but with hidden talents.”  Superman . . . Lavagirl . . . frogs.  Isn’t that what we all want?  To have hidden talents beneath our seemingly clumsy exteriors. 

Here’s to celebrating our inner frog!

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