No Housework Day…Go Fly A Kite

Today, put down the vacuum; drop the scrub brush; leave the broom in the closet.  Today, no housework.  Really.  It is No Housework Day! 

It’s not that you will be cursed or have bad mojo for a year if you do dishes today; it’s just supposed to be a day to do something other than tidying up the castle. 

Fortunately for anyone who doesn’t know what to do without cleaning tasks to conquer, it is also National Kite Flying month.  And if where you live is anywhere like where I live, all you have to do is step outside and anything under 10 pounds could be considered a kite and blown into the next county.  Perfect kite-flying weather.

So why go fly a kite? 

Besides inspiring a cliché and a song, piloting a kite is a rite of spring: enjoying the greening of nature, basking in the sun’s vitamin D, taking in the fresh air, and (if where you are is both dry and windy) experiencing free facial exfoliation to boot. 

All kidding aside, kite-flying is a long celebrated activity, originating in China around A.D. 545.  There are professional teams, magazines, tournaments, and associations dedicated to the endeavor.  But the best part is the wonder and excitement on a child’s face when a kite flies overhead.  Thrill a kid: fly a kite.


One thought on “No Housework Day…Go Fly A Kite

  1. Ah yes, the free exfoiliating treatment of nature–isn’t it lovely? The kite flying is inspiring, and I’ll admit that it is no hardship to avoid housework today. Thanx for the encouragement–kite flying is a go!

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