National Week of the Ocean

Now is the time to admit that April is chock full of commemorative days and weeks, and as a month, it represents many causes too.  So get ready to multitask! 

Not only are you to laugh at work this week, you are to remember the oceans as well. 

Yeah, this is probably something that should happen beyond just the month of April, but it is nice to have the 4th month of the year remind us of the importance of our oceans. 

So what should you do to celebrate?  The best answer to this is VACAY!  How ’bout here?

For the more conscientiously minded conveniently located near a random coast, beach clean up is always welcomed, for if we don’t do it, look what happens:

Yeesh.  If that is what the beach looks like, what must the water look like?

For the land-locked rest of us?  Anything to promote ocean health: abstain from dolphin meat; support environmentally friendly businesses; pre-buy a ticket for Disney’s Earth sequel appropriately titled Oceans which opens April 22Anything to help.


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